Site Rules

For the fun and benefit of yourself and others you must comply with these Rules and also the Terms and Conditions of this site. The Rules and Terms and Conditions ensure that you have an enjoyable bidding experience and the best opportunity to successfully bid for our offered Products:
  1. Only one account is allowed with person, and only one account per household.
  2. You must be 18 years of age to bid on any auctions.
  3. No use of automated bidding programs or devices of any kind are allowed when using the 90 bids website.
  4. 90 bids employees and their family members (parents, spouse, siblings and children) and any person residing in the same household as employees may not under any circumstances participate in 90 bids auctions.
Breaking these Rules will result in the disabling of all of that customer's accounts and any Products successfully won while in breach of the Rules are not valid and will not be fulfilled.
Note that refunds will not be paid for:
  1. any bidding tokens used to successfully bid for these Products; or
  2. the Purchase Price of the Product
  3. while you were or are in breach of the Rules.
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